The Road to Fit & Happy

Hi I'm Briana. This blog will be me keeping track of my progress through weight loss (the healthy way). Hopefully with this blog I'll be able to keep myself motivated and inspire some of you!

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

day 30 -10 facts about you! and now, what are your stats?

1. I love pineapple. I could honestly eat it all day long

2. I’m the oldest of 5 kids

3. I have 32 genres of music on my ipod

4. I love crime shows and watch about 5 of them consistently

5. I’m having a hard time coming up with facts

6. I have red hair and people who have known me for years still ask me if I dye it

7. Minty gum makes me sneeze (I’m really just saying random things at this point)

8. I have a black german shepherd

9. Blah. Blah. Blah.

10. Water makes me nauseous

Stats- SW: 145; CW:130

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 29: Your definition of beauty.

I think anyone who is happy, confident, and comfortable in their own skin is beautiful.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 28: Do you want that “gap” between your thighs? Why?

I don’t particularly care about it. I know some people measure their success by it but I don’t particularly want to be a stick.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 27: How do you deal with being around food?

I drink a LOT of water and green tea so that I can avoid eating when I’m not actually hungry.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 26- What most excites you about reaching your ugw?

I think just being able to say that I did it. To be able to say that I pushed myself, challenged myself, and worked my ass off will be amazing.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 24 - how do you feel about the terms pro-ana/pro-mia?

I honestly feel bad for those who deal with these conditions and I think they need all of the support they can get. I’m neither so I can’t really say much about them though

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 23 - did the media play a role in your wanting to lose weight?

A bit yes, but I think that there are very few people who the media doesn’t influence. The media has changed a lot in recent years though, like Marilyn Monroe was considered one of the most beautiful women and I think she was a size 6 or 8. But anyway, there are a lot of other things that influenced my decision more than the media.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 21 - what are your clothing sizes?

I’m not exactly sure what they are now, but before I was wearing an 8 or 10 in dresses and a 28/29 in jeans (which I think is the equivalent of a 6 or 8.

Day 22 - what was your lowest weight? how and why did you gain?

My lowest weight was probably about 120. I moved from the suburbs on the east coast to a city on the west coast and not only did I start emotional eating, I also found that there was much better food out here.

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Day 20: Favorite diet?

I’ve never actually been on a legitimate planned out diet like Dukan or Atkins or anything…